Installing the eCommerce for WordPress plugin

There are many plugins for ecommerce shops in WordPress. This article will explain how to use the ecommerce for WordPress plugin. This tutorial is not an exhaustive use of the plugin. We will only touch the basics of how to set up the plugin. Below are the steps to get the ecommerce for WordPress working on your WordPress.

Basic steps to set up ecommerce for WordPress

  1. Log into the WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to the plugins and Search for the ecommerce for WordPress plugin. Install the ecommerce for WordPress plugin.
  3. Install ecommerce plugin WordPress
    Once you have the plugin installed you should see it in the List of Installed plugins.

    Paypal configuration WordPress

    You will now see the PayPal configuration in the navigation to the left.

    Add New Product WordPress

    Also, You will see the Products section in the left navigation as well.

    Click the Add New Product link.


  4. Add content to product WordPress
    Add the text to the product on the Add New Product page. Fill in the price, shipping, and tax information.
  5. Featured image WordPress
    Click the Set featured image.
  6. Select Files WordPress
    You can click the Select files to browse your local computer for the image.

    Drag the files to the desktop WordPress

    You can also drag your images directly in the upload window. Upload your images for your Products.

  7. Upload product images WordPress
    Select the image for the product you’re working with and click Set featured image.
  8. List of products WordPress
    Once you have the products set up in your Products section.

    Product view in WordPress

    Visit your website. Click the All Products link in your Menu.

    Final view of the Shopping cart WordPress

    Your Products will show on the page. The cart should look like the image to the right.

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